ISEA Bright Future

ISEA Bright Future is a kinetic sculpture about communal electricity generation and cooperation in biological organisms.

It uses custom 5 modified stationary bicycles on training stands in a semi-circle through which participants collaboratively control a 3D light and sound sculpture of pre-extinction and post-extinction evolutionary trajectories, visually modelling this and sonically modelling this. The interactive installation explores embodied energy and ecological sustainability - both as it is powered solely by participants' peddling and through biomimesis of bioluminescene, especially that of fireflies and how they synchronise their flashing. The title is pronounced "I See A Bright Future" as it explores the role of cooperation and negotiation in producing a future that will be dominated by how 'brightness' (ie lights/energy) is produced. ISEA Bright Future is a companion piece to Facing Futures Free From Fear, an audiovisual installation about speculative futures and defuturing in relation to climate change, which was exhibited at the same time in Sydney (May 22 - June 14 2013). an interactive audiovisual installation powered by participants' cycling,

ISEA Bright Future was commissioned by ISEA2013 Sydney, produced through Artist Residencies at SCANZ: 3rd Nature at Parramatta Artist Studios, and supported by Parramatta City Council, Mr E Bikes and ARTcycle.


Josh Wodak - Concept, Artistic Director, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Production Manager
Rohan Story - Electrical Engineer, Programmer, Bicycle Generator Designer, Fabricator
Carli Leimbach - Creative Producer
Greer Allen - Associate Producer
Grant Moxom - Interaction Incubator, Production Assistant
Andrew Hornblow - Consultant Electrical Engineer and Programmer

Previous exhibition

International Symposium of Electronic Art
June 14 - 15 2013
Parramatta Hub, Parramatta
Commissioned by ISEA2013 Sydney

Participant #1 and Participant #1 in sync

Participant #1 and Participant #5 in sync

All five participants in sync